AI Aided Strategic Ideation is a suite of experimental artificial intelligence apps designed to teach and aid strategic ideation powered by OpenAI and LangChain.

These AI-driven tools work best when used in conjunction Michael Olenick, who created and best knows how to use them.

For questions about blue ocean strategy, AI, or comments or enhancemnet about strategy studio please don't hesitate to contact me.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Buyer Experience Cycle &
Buyer Utility Map

Given a product or service, the AI generates the likely steps a buyer takes to procure the product or service then shows a buyer utility map enabling a person to identify painpoints & think about how they might construct a new offering. Painpoints identified by a person are then used to generate a six path study to guide ideation.

Noncustomer Exercise

The AI analyzes who are noncustomers for a product or service and explains how those people can help to build a strategy to redefine market boundaries for a new product or service.

Six Path Exercise

The AI generates a product or service through six different lenses to prod a user into thinking how a new product or service might redefine industry bondaries. Can be used standalone or tied wiht the Buyer Utility Map, above.

Factor & Canvases

The AI creates a jumping off place for new strategy ideation by suggesting and prioritizing factors of a strategic move that might appeal to customers and noncustomers. It then puts the results into an easy-to-use strategy canvas enablement tool for discussion and refinement.

Behavioral Economics

Simulation: Status Quo Bias

The year is 1996. Simon has a successful and long standing family business selling books and baby gear. His daughter, Sarah, thinks the newly invented world wide web might be an opportunity ... or maybe a threat? Convince Simon to sell online.

Simulation: Loss Aversion

Lena's a rising star at Goldman Sachs. Defying all odds as a single mom, she earned prestigious degrees and is well on her way to making partner. However, an opportunity has come up that could provide a lot more money and a lot more fun but carries risk. Should she take it? You're Ben, CEO of the company that wants to hire Lena, the chatbot. Convince her to take the job., Copyright 2003 - 2023, Michael Olenick

Set Constraints